About Us

Oraljet is an American company founded in 2003 with several ideas in mind. To provide quality products to our customers that enhances their everyday life. This is the first thing that we set out to achieve. Thus, the Oraljet Family Water Flosser and Travel Version were both created. Both of these products remove plaque along the gumline, and between teeth. The Oraljet Water Flosser can remove up to 99% of all plaque buildup.

The second value that we desired for our products was that they be the most versatile products on the market. That is why our Oraljet travel model comes with 6 tips and a travel case. Our family model comes with 10 tips and 10 speeds of water pressure to choose from. Both products are dual voltage allowing for use all over the world!

The last thing we set out to implement was to provide quality service to our customers. That is why our Family Model comes with a 2-year guarantee and the travel model comes with a one 1 year guarantee. Additionally, Oraljet is constantly trying to improve our quality of service. For any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Where can you buy our product?

The Oraljet Water Flosser products are available for purchase online through our online website. You can purchase here!