20 percent of Americans never floss

Thursday, April 12, 2018

To have good oral hygiene one must floss. Flossing removes plaque from hard to reach places, and food debris left from eating. However, according to the American Dental Association, only 40% of Americans floss once a day, and 20% of Americans never floss. This presents a serious problem as lack of flossing leads to gingivitis and Periodontitis. These oral conditions have been linked to an increased chance of having heart disease and diabetes. Oral health is one of the most important things that we can take care of, and through preventative care, we can avoid these problems entirely. 

However, with 20% of Americans not using dental floss its clear something must change. That's why we suggest using an Oraljet! An Oraljet removes 99.99% of plaque and provides an even better cleaning that brushing and flossing alone. An Oraljet is easy to use unlike dental floss and requires very little training to use. Within weeks gingivitis will be under control, implants will be cleaner, and those who use an Oraljet will have a healthier smile!


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